What Are Detox Reactions?

What Are Detox Reactions?

Healing does not happen in a vacuum. So, if you are trying to re-balance hormones and need to support your detoxification pathways to rid the body of excess hormones, then you may expect some bumps in the roads

Whenever the detoxification process is improved and more toxins leave the body, they must enter the blood stream on their way to the liver. Once in the blood stream, symptoms can occur until they have successfully left the body

What symptom may you expect?

Everyone is different so it is hard to predict. Most people experience a headache and fatigue. However, other symptoms can be anything you already experience. If you suffer from acne, you may break out. If you have joint pain or muscle aches, then these may get worse for the first few days. 

The key is to be observant. If you have symptoms as part of the detox, then make notes. They may be worst at first but usually within in 2-3 days they start to improve.

It is not uncommon, depending on the individual, to go through several phases. Sometimes the removal of toxins does not happen all at once. Again, being observant is important. As long as symptoms pass within a few days, then detoxing is occurring as needed.

What can you do to lessen detox reactions?

  1. Get plenty of rest. The more you sleep, the sooner you will get through the process.
  2. Limit activity. Do not do a lot of exercise. Light walking is fine and doing some movement will leave you feeling better – just do not get carried away.
  3. Start slow and work up. If you can ease into the detox, you can lessen the reactions. The detox will take longer but that may be the best way for you to do it.

Please note: Detox reactions can be very severe. If you have many health issues and are suffering from numerous symptoms, then you are most likely going to detox strongly and that could make you quite sick. You may even need to seek medical attention. Be very careful. If you do not know how you will react, then maybe you should wait.  Just eating a clean diet will allow you to detox but this will occur slowly and this may be the best way to start.

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