Jennifer was working as Nutritionist as part of our Corporate Wellness Program at our head office.  She encouraged our leadership team to go through a 10 day reset challenge where the team had to give up gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods for the 10 days.  

The first three days went much better than I expected.  Truly I think it was no sugar that helped but I also had to give up some of my favorite foods.  I truly thought I would fail at this, but really glad I stuck to it.  l feel healthier, have more energy and that l can do anything that l put my mind to. 

I enjoyed working with Jennifer, her guidance gave me a starting point and helped me improve my eating habits and continue to eat better.  Jennifer knowledge, expertise and direction helped me stay on track during my 10 day challenge. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking to improve their eating habits and stay on track.    Steve Pawelko 


 I worked with Jennifer  as part of our Corporate Wellness Initiative where our leadership team was challenged to a 10 Day Reset where l had to give up some of my favourite foods.  We had to eliminate gluten, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and eat a clean diet for the 10 days.  Jennifer supplied us with all the tools and resources that we needed to complete it.

Although the 10 Day Reset was a challenge, l am glad that l completed it as l noticed improvements to my health.  It helped improve my digestive issues such as bloating and heartburn  and l no longer crave sugar.  My diet needed improvement and with Jennifer’s direction and support l not only improved my eating habits but will continue to eat healthier.   Andrea Brissette


It was a pleasure working with Jennifer as my holistic nutritionist, she took the time to understand my health challenges and was sensitive to the issues I was dealing with. I would highly recommend Jennifer Barnes Holistic Nutritionist for people looking for more than ‘just a weight loss’ diet but for those looking to understand the importance of hormonal health and the life long solutions to holistic health and wellness. Coreen Duke-Carroll


7 Day Reboot Cleanse

This was my first ever experience participating in a 7-day challenge so l wasn’t sure what to expect.  The first two days of the cleanse were tough, l felt tired and irritable.  By day 4 l felt healthier, had more energy and saw signs of improved skin.   l am so glad that l stuck with it and would definitely recommend it to others!  S. Luke


l successfully completed the 7 Day Reboot Cleanse.  The first few days were challenging and l expected to be hungry but l found it easier to follow as the cleanse progress.  The recipes were satisfying, l liked that the food was prepared and the professional support that was provided.  Following the step by step instructions and having a routine made the cleanse easier to follow.  l felt less bloated, had more energy, and lost 7 lbs  l am happy with the results and will definitely do it again.  Rob


With my hectic lifestyle, l like that the 7 Day Reboot had the food all prepared so it made it east for me to follow.  l as introduced to new recipes and could try them out before l went out and bought all the new ingredients.  Not only did l feel better after the reboot but now l’m incorporating many if the healthy recipes into my menu plan and re-use all the food jars as foo storage containers.  Jenn answered all of my questions and was a great resource. She had lots of ideas on how to add healthy food into my life in easy and practical ways.  Kim