How Toxic Are You?

So how toxic are you? It depends how many toxic chemicals such as drugs, medications and food additives you ingest through your digestive and intestinal tract or through your skin or lungs. Also, how well your body functions will determine detoxification. Even stress and negative attitudes can produce more chemicals that need to be detoxed out.

The liver is the key player to help rid the body of all toxins. The colon and good gut bacteria assist to help remove many toxins before they enter the body, if we have sufficient levels. Good gut bacteria also supports liver function. Good colon function ensures toxins leave and poor colon function allows bad bacteria to produce more toxins that we need to get rid of. We can also eliminate some toxins through the skin by sweating.

How do you know if you need to cleanse?

Here are some symptoms associated with a sluggish system due to toxic overload. There may be other reasons for each of these symptoms but when there seems to be no logical reason for them or you have too many of them, then a sluggish detoxification system may be the cause.

☐ Fatigue ☐ Memory issues ☐ Brain fog and difficulty concentrating ☐ Gas and bloating ☐ Skin problems such as acne, hives, rashes, eczema and psoriasis ☐ Puffy, dark circles under the eyes ☐ PMS (premenstrual syndrome) ☐ Diarrhea ☐ Constipation ☐ Sleep problems ☐ Fluid retention ☐ Trouble losing weight ☐ Headaches ☐ Joint pain ☐ Muscle aches ☐ Sinus congestion ☐ Runny nose ☐ Food cravings ☐ Heartburn ☐ Bad breath ☐ Excessive sweating ☐ Sinus problems

Should you do a cleanse?

A cleanse can speed up the process of detoxification by either supplying the body with nutrients that the liver uses to detox or limiting consumption of food to save the energy needed to digest foods and make it available for the liver to do more detoxing. A good cleanse is a combination of both.

This is a great way to reboot your system, allowing you to feel better. Ideally you would detox daily. Eating foods that support detoxing daily and giving the body digestive rest in the evening and through the night is how the body has been designed to eliminate toxins. But for the those who have not been supplying the body with this kind of support, a cleanse can speed up the process so that in the future, daily detoxing is sufficient. The best cleanse will combine eating less food but provide enough to function well and supply the needed nutrients to aid the liver detoxification process. It will also provide support for the good gut bacteria and colon function which are also essential for successful detoxing.

My 7 Day Hormone Reboot Challenge is a good example of a cleanse that can do just that. It contains plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, which all contain the phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals that the liver loves to use for detoxification. It also has essential fatty acids, other good fats and protein, all of which help the liver. Probiotic and prebiotic foods are added to aid our good gut bacteria and colon function.

The key to this cleanse is that there are foods added to support the thyroid and the adrenals. When it comes to detoxing, most cleanses do not consider how other systems affect the liver and the detox process. Hormones play a role in how well you detox and many of the symptoms that indicate you need to detox are also symptoms of hormones issues. Everything is connected.

How Does it Work?
First, the food is clean with no added chemical preservatives, additives or pesticide residues. There is minimal cooking for the first four days and a lot of it is raw so it contains plenty of enzymes to aid digestion which frees up energy for detoxing. And finally, it supports the gut, the colon and key hormonal systems throughout the body.

The last three days provides more clean foods but with a higher nutrition and calorie density so you will not feel depleted.

You may get detox reactions on this challenge but that is okay. It has been designed to minimize this but you may still experience reactions.

What are detox reactions?
The two most common are headaches and fatigue. When toxins, stored in cells of the body, are moved into the blood stream to go to the liver, they can make a person feel poorly. This passes. Other detox reactions tend to be symptoms you are already prone to. If you have acne, you will break out. If your joints are stiff, you will be stiffer. But this does not last. For most people, they start feeling better by the fourth day.

If you feel better at the end of the week but still think you are somewhat toxic, you are able to repeat the challenge. You can do this for two or three weeks and you will find that each time, there are less and less detox reactions and you will feel better and better.

This cleanse is a great place to start to re balance the body and to help curb your appetite and increase your energy. To learn more click on the link and let me know you would like more info on the cleanse.  Join my 7 Day Reboot Cleanse Starting May 25 to June 1st

7-Day Healthy Gut Challenge


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