Nutrition Consultation

During your first appointment, information will be collected regarding your current eating habits, health history, schedule, exercise routine and discuss your primary health concerns. You will receive a plan that is very individualized and designed to fit you.

It is not a diet or short-term strategy, but the first step in developing lifelong healthy eating habits. Follow up appointments address further education needs, progress towards your goals and will provide strategies to help with challenges or problem areas.

You are welcome to arrange as many follow up appointments as you would like. Generally clients like to return within two to three weeks to evaluate the progress they are making and have their plan reviewed. Some clients then return on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to stay motivated.

Work with me and look and feel 10 years younger, drop weight, regain your health, improve your stamina and get all day energy in just 30 delicious minutes a day.

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If you’re ready to finally regain your health, lose the weight, (for good!) balance your hormones and improve your energy, let’s set up a free 20-minute consultation call to discuss your health and wellness goals. Email me at and let’s book some time to connect!