7 Day Reboot Cleanse

Feeling sluggish and tired? Do you suffer from frequent headaches, mood swings, and/or irritability? Are you experiencing menstrual problems, weight issues or skin conditions like adult acne? More importantly, do you feel like you want a body makeover?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this 7-day cleanse is for you. Hormone issues can be complicated because there are so many factors that play a role in how you feel and function on a regular basis. Serious hormone problems will take more time to fix, so working with your health practitioners can provide you with the help you need in the long-term.

However, this program can help you put the brakes on what is happening in your body right now. Your body will be given a break from your current habits and instead, will receive nutrients from foods that will aid your hormone health.

Included in the 7 Reboot Cleanse:

  • Meals provided for lunch and dinner for the 7 Day Reboot prepared by Meal in A Jar
  • All the ingredients for the jars are sourced locally 
  • Meals can be customized to suit your dietary needs – vegan/vegetarian, gluten, grain and dairy free
  • Recipe suggestions for breakfast and snacks
  • Recipe book with healthy  recipes to keep you on track
  • All meals are under 600 calories
  • Step by step instruction, support and guidance with Jennifer Barnes Registered Holistic Nutritionists
  • The meals for the cleanse are provided locally in Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph and surrounding areas

Cost $220

email info@jbarnesliving.com