Nutrition Consultant

Corporate Wellness

Healthy Meal Substitutes/ Menu Planning/Meal Plans

The usual methods of crash-dieting and exercise are not effective. Weight loss needs to be focused on changing behaviors and habits.

We will gradually modify your food choices and eating habits rather than replacing your entire diet with a new one.  The small changes to existing health habits ensure that they last for your entire life. 

It takes time to implement real change. When we work together, you will experience real change, not a fad diet, a plan that you can continue successfully on your own. 

The goal is to set you up for healthy habits long term. 

Looking for an energetic speaker for your group, conference or corporate ‘lunch and learn’ seminar? 

I deliver dynamic seminars to suit the needs of your organization.  Prevention of disease and promotion of optimal health and wellness should be a key focus of any corporation. 

Research has shown a focus on health helps minimize sick days and optimize performance in the workplace. 

Topics can be customized to group needs. 

Meal plans for 7, 14, or 21 days can be created specifically for your dietary needs.

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