About Me

Jennifer Barnes   Registered Holistic Nutritionist

“What l eat has such an impact on my body physically and emotionally, eating whole foods is the cornerstone of my healthy lifestyle.”


Jennifer’s Story: “I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with the designation of Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  My own personal health issues were my original inspiration to become a holistic nutritionist. Nagging health problems plagued me, such as food sensitivities, difficulty sleeping, brain fog, skin rashes, low energy and I was addicted to certain foods, especially sugar.  After many visits to specialists and numerous medical tests,  the results failed to show any health issues.  Frustrated with the medical system’s lack of understanding what was the causing my symptoms. 

After several years of being passed through the system, l was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, a type of autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid.  While it was a relief to finally get a diagnosis, it was scary at the same time.  It helped put me on the right path to find a way to heal my body through lifestyle and dietary changes.  It has been a challenging road to recovery but with time and patience, l have seen significant improvements to my health, and l feel great!  Changing my diet has improved many of the symptoms. My skin problems have cleared, my hormones are more balanced, the nodule that pressed into my throat has been dramatically reduced, and my thyroid antibodies have decreased. 

This success has influenced my passion is to help others feel better and improve their health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.  l love to cook and create new recipes that are healing and healthy.  My recipes only use whole foods that leave you feeling satisfied, healthy and nourished.  The same healthy eating and lifestyle changes can be applied to weight loss, eliminating food sensitivities, improved energy, glowing skin and in general feeling more balanced, confident and healthy.  I am a firm believer that the right food is medicine, the right food is essential and the right food is powerful. 

If you have any questions or would like to work with me contact me at  info@jbarnesliving.com

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

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